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The Lamp of the Wicked by Phil Rickman

The Lamp of the Wicked - Phil Rickman

Series: Merrily Watkins #5


Merrily, a vicar who does deliverance work (exorcism) on the side, gets dragged in when her friend Gomer goes to confront a rival the night his equipment storage place burns down. The guy, Lodge, is out digging up some sewage tank he installed that the owner asked Gomer to take out, and they both discover that the reason Lodge was so intent on doing it himself is because he wanted to recover a dead body. So the police are thinking that he's a serial killer that's got other bodies stashed around the area but he's not talking to them. Stuff happens, the plot gets twisty, there's more stuff about a serial killer that was arrested in the 90s, and things don't turn out quite as you might have thought, but if I told you how they did, that would involve spoilers. Things do get wrapped up fairly nicely.


As usual with this series, I felt compelled to keep reading but now I'm not really sure what to say about it. I read this for the "Serial/Spree Killer" square for the Halloween Bingo, which it definitely fits. This gives me my first Bingo! The book could also fit the squares "Murder Most Foul", "In the dark, dark woods", "Supernatural" (there isn't much of it, but there's a bit), "Chilling Children" (Merrily's daughter, Jane, is still only 17 and she's a main character), and "Ghost" (there is a brief scene with a ghost). Actually, it may even work for "Romantic Suspense". Not sure about that one though.


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