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The Grace Year
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The New Voices of Science Fiction
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Engineering Animals: How Life Works
Alan Mcfadzean, Mark Denny
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The Rise of Yeast: How the Sugar Fungus Shaped Civilization
Nicholas P. Money
Conservation of Shadows
Yoon Ha Lee
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Le premier jour
Marc Levy
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Moby-Dick: or, The Whale (Penguin Classics)
Herman Melville
Manifold: Time
Stephen Baxter, Chris Schluep
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The Long War
Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett
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Two Serpents Rising by Max Gladstone

Two Serpents Rise - Max Gladstone

Series: Craft Sequence #2


This second installment in the craft sequence wasn’t nearly as interesting as the first. I think I just wasn’t very interested in Caleb as a character and I thought his infatuation with Mal was silly. And I kept thinking that it was awfully convenient the way things were working out in the plot. This is unfortunate because the city and the serpents and the whole plot with the water supply poisoned repeatedly by demons were interesting. I hope the next book is more my cup of tea.


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