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An Excellent Mystery by Ellis Peters

An Excellent Mystery  - Ellis Peters

An Excellent Mystery by Ellis Peters


Series: Cadfael #11


This is an unusual Cadfael in that the mystery is in the form of a missing person rather than a body that someone stumbles across. I wasn’t sure what to rate it because although I did figure it out fairly early on, I wasn’t sure how my theory could work, and I didn’t know if I was right. Overall I did enjoy the read but I’m not sure if my figuring it out so early was expected or a good thing. I mean, it’s fun when you can guess or try to guess the solution to the mystery rather just having the solution handed to you at a platter at the end, but I’m not sure whether I was supposed to figure it out so soon. Things did work out rather neatly but that’s the way Ellis Peters liked to write these. They’re basically cozy historical mysteries.


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