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Blood Price by Tanya Huff

Blood Price (Victoria Nelson #1) - Tanya Huff

Series: Victoria Nelson #1


This is definitely not a book with which to play the “just one more chapter” game (long chapters). It’s a vampire urban fantasy that was written before cellphones were commonplace (this is important to the plot). Part of its charm comes from its setting, however. It takes place in Toronto and makes references to Canadian Tire instead of Walmart. It can probably most succinctly be summarized in its own words:

In eighteen short hours, the hordes of hell could be ripping the city and its people apart.


“And the only thing in the way is one half-blind ex-cop and the bastard son of Henry VIII.”


Covid-19 may be influencing my ratings since I seem to be going easier on books, but there’s a good chance I’ll check out the rest of the series although I’m not rushing off to do it. The villain did feel a little cartoony at times but wasn't entirely unbelievable either.


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