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The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

The Daughter Of Time - Josephine Tey

Series: Inspector Alan Grant #5


I had a short review all typed up and I accidentally closed the window. *Face palm*


Oh well. I'm really glad that this one got chosen for the buddy read because I'd been planning to read it for a while and just needed an excuse. I'd heard good things about it, naturally, but I didn't have my expectations set too high because I never know whether my taste will match others'.


Tey managed to make a book about a detective in hospital (which was a bit weird to read about during a pandemic) who is so bored he starts doing historical research to be not only interesting but highly entertaining. The repeated references to the "woolly-lamb" were also fantastic. And how his girlfriend started to resent Grant!


The only parts that dragged for me were some of the bits where he was reading the historical fiction based on the period. I think I just struggled to keep track of where we were in the history at that point. How everything wrapped up was a little anticlimactic but I'm not sure how else she could have ended it so that's not really a complaint.


All in all it was a lot of fun! And I will have to fit some more Tey into my towering Mount TBR. Plus the Dickon play since Themis-Athena so kindly pointed me to where it could be found.


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