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The Sultan's Seal by Jenny White (audiobook)

The Sultan's Seal - Jenny White, Nadia May

Series: Kamil Pasha #1


The only reason I finished this book was because it was an audiobook. In fact, I almost abandoned it anyway but the other selection I had downloaded at the time wasn't very engaging either.


The main character appears to be Kamil Pasha, a magistrate in the secular courts of the late Ottoman Empire, who is investigating the murder of a woman. Sybil, the daughter of the English ambassador, gets involved and appears to serve as his love interest, but there are also chapters in the first person from an initially unnamed woman.


I mostly found the book dull, and the present tense was very distracting in audiobook form: it just sounded wrong. It also turns out that the mystery woman's chapters are necessary because Kamil Pasha doesn't discover all that much of the truth, so the story needs to be rounded out. Oh, and Sybil is TSTL.