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The Dead Shall Not Rest by Tessa Harris (audiobook)

The Dead Shall Not Rest (Audio) - Tessa Harris, K.W. Jeter

Series: Dr Thomas Silkstone Mystery #2


I eagerly dove into this next book because I found the first one so interesting. I didn't find this one nearly so engaging, however, for a variety of reasons. Some of them had to do with the plot being a little too easy to be untangled (the Carrington and Hunter thing) coupled with scenes that didn't entirely make sense when later revelations were made because they were put there just to mislead. Since I listened to the audio version, I couldn't very easily go back and check previous scenes so I may be judging too harshly, but that was my impression, anyway.


There were also revelations about Lydia's past that I just found uninteresting and didn't seem to fit with her previous character and my impression of the times, but again, that's my own judgement. It also required a looser interpretation of statements from the first book.


I'll probably try the third just to see if the novels pick up again but otherwise this is just another promising series that petered out after the first book.