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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (audiobook)

Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audio) - Agatha Christie, Dan Stevens

Series: Hercule Poirot #10


This book is delightful to revisit via audio. It's a marvellous story set on a train stuck in the snow in Yugoslavia where Poirot just happens to be at the right moment to solve the mystery. Christie is in fine form with Poirot's little Frenchisms. One that particularly delighted me was the use of confound to mean confondre, which of course means more along the lines of mix up than stump. Oh, and I only noticed this time around that Poirot used uneven to refer to the odd numbered bunks on the train, which is just awesome. Perhaps I didn't notice before because it's something I catch myself doing? 


Lots of Poirot fun in this one. :)


I'm going to use this for the book for door 1 (Día de los Muertos) for the 24 Festive Tasks: Re-read an old favorite from a now-deceased author.