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Engineering Animals: How Life Works
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The Long War
Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett
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Semiosis by Sue Burke

Semiosis - James Lee Burke

A woefully unprepared group of humans starts a colony on an alien planet. Stuff goes wrong right from the beginning and it just seems like a matter of time before they die out. The cool thing is that they befriend an intelligent plant, and it negotiates with other plants on their behalf. Oh, and they move into a city left behind by other aliens who apparently also tried to colonize the planet.


So despite the apparently ill-fated nature of their colonization attempt, the book has some cool concepts. Unfortunately, I just didn't enjoy reading it all that much. It's divided into chapters in the life of the colony over the span of about a hundred years that are told from different viewpoints, so it feels more like a set of inter-related short stories than a coherent novel. Not exactly my cup of tea.


The dialogue felt really choppy in the earlier chapters, and since the main POV character was constantly changing, I had varying degrees of interest in the various chapters. Also, the book feels depressing because I feel that the colony is doomed to die out eventually.