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Red Game Familiar Diversions & Tannat Team Tracking Post

Total points: 200/2 = 100


Thanks for being an awesome teammate, FD!


Round 1:

Tannat: Walter Mosely (suspect) - No5 points
Familiar Diversions: dark alley beat down (COD) - No5 points


Round 2:

Tannat: Arthur Conan Doyle (suspect) - Yes20 points
Familiar Diversions: Pass.


Round 3:

Tannat: Atticus Finch (victim) - No5 points
Familiar Diversions: Pass

card claimed by Familiar Diversions: The Orient Express (crime scene) -  10 points


Round 4:

Tannat: Severus Snape (victim) - Yes20 points
Familiar Diversions: Pass


Round 5:

Tannat: Severus Snape (victim) - Easy Rawlings (victim) - Yes 20 points
Familiar Diversions: antique hunting rifle - Yes20 points 

card claimed by Familiar Diversions: arsenic in the toothpaste (COD) - 10 points


Round 6:

Tannat: Pass

Familiar Diversions: Katniss Everdeen (victim) - Yes20 points



Round 7:

Tannat: near a tor, Dartmoor (crime scene) - No5 points

Familiar Diversions: Pemberley (crime scene) - Yes20 points


After Rounds Claimed cards:

- The Dark Tower (crime scene) - 10 points

- Revolver (COD) - 10 points


The mysteries are solved AND we've claimed all the cards!


Post-Game Card Claims:

- Revolver (COD for Green Game) - 10 points

- Watts, LA (crime scene for Yellow Game) - 10 points