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Four-in-one Festive Tasks

(Square 14) Task for Dies Natalis Solis Invicti: Find the sunniest spot in your home, that’s warm and comfy and read your book. I did this yesterday:

- 1 point -


Of course, a certain feline character insisted I move the books I'd bought the day before to make room for him before he went off to chase a ball of yarn:


I picked up a couple pomegranates the other day so I thought I'd  use them to complete a task for square 9 (Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night) - eat a watermelon or pomegranate for good luck and health in the coming year:

- 1 point -


I decided to cheat for square 15's task for St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day: If you have a cat, post a picture of your cat in a box. My cat doesn't really climb into boxes (he's weird), so I'm using a picture of my sister's cat:

- 1 point -


I had put her gift in that box, naturally, so it became two gifts in one (one for her, one for her cat).


Finally, I wasn't planning on completing a task for Square 5 (Advent) but I saw this at the grocery store and figured it was perfect:

- 1 point -


Total points scored to date:  8 (previous) + 4 (this post) = 12