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Tail & Trouble by Victor Catano

Tail and Trouble - Victor M. Catano

This was a disappointing read. It started off with a with a reasonably neat concept, with the main character searching for his witch girlfriend with the help of her bulldog and familiar, Orson. It started off okay for the most part and it was fine other than heaping too many daily details onto the narrative. But then we get to the bad guy of the story and we discover that his hanging out with a teenager didn't set every single one of the teenager's mother's warning signs off and she was apparently happy that he seemed to be hanging out with friends. <.<


Things started going downhill from there and I just got more and more tired of it. The dog was cute but the main character was tiresome, and the solution to where the girlfriend was all this time was just kind of lame. The magic system and the girlfriend's specialness were yawn-worthy.


Oh well. This was one of the books I had tentatively earmarked for the Halloween Bingo before deciding on another book for the witches square, so I'm glad I was able to get it out of the way. As it is I'm using it for the 16 Festive Tasks Square #1 Calan Gaeaf book task, "Read any of your planned Halloween Bingo books that you didn’t end up reading after all, especially if it features witches or witchcraft."