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The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley

The Mirror Empire - Kameron Hurley

Series: Worldbreaker Saga #1


I generally expect more from Hurley's books. This was alright but my interest waxed and waned throughout the whole thing. There are some really cool concepts but a lot of stuff I could have just done without, and I wasn't all that keen on some of the characters, particularly Zezili. Even Lilia did some really stupid things. I wasn't impressed by her search for a mother who couldn't know her.


This book follows several characters in a fantasy world where several nations are at war, and the entire world is being threatened by invaders from beyond it. Oh, and there are binary suns that are so close together they form an hourglass shape in the sky. And walking trees that remind me of triffids.


I plan on reading the next book, but I'm not hopeful it'll be up to Hurley's usual standards. Maybe she needs worlds with spaceships to pull off awesome. And more ick factor.