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Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie

Murder in Mesopotamia - Agatha Christie

Series: Hercule Poirot #14


 I didn't see that coming. Poirot gets called in to investigate the murder of an archaeologist's wife when it seems like no one could have gotten into the courtyard to gain access to her room aside from the members of the expedition. I liked the solution to the murder, but that's all I can say without spoilers.


It was probably due to the fact that the text was purportedly written out by a nurse present that Poirot did not seem to have as many of his little expressions. I missed them. He doesn't seem quite like Poirot without them, you know? The mystery took a while to get going, and I was getting all of the characters mixed up. It came as a surprise that there were actually three young male assistants; I could have sworn there were only two. That may have been a source of my confusion. Anyway, I did finally sort them out, and I did get rather engrossed by it near the end but I found Poirot took his sweet time to wrap everything up.


I read this for the "Locked room mystery" square for the Halloween Bingo. It fits. It could also be used for the squares "Murder most foul", "Country house mystery", and "Terrifying women".