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Booklikes-opoly Turn 26 (July 3rd)

Tricked - Kevin Hearne

I landed on Main Street 10 last turn and I tried reading Tricked by Kevin Hearne but I'm not seeing much time being spent in a small town. The characters pass through a couple of possible small towns but they don't spend much time there and it's not clear (to me at least) which ones are supposed to be the small towns. I have several books in my TBR pile that take place in small towns but few if any in the U.S.A. Oh well.


I'm not giving up on Tricked, but since I don't feel like I can count it for my last square and I'm allowed to roll again today, I'm just going to go ahead and roll. And try to fit all these books in somehow. I have my Free Friday read still on the go too.


So,  pagecounts that end in 1, 9, 2, or 6. Hmm...this is easier with  paper books, none of which I have with me. Maybe I'll see what my mom has or wait till I get home later today. With ebooks, I'm never sure whether to go with the pagecount on my ereader or the official pagecount for the edition listed somewhere or what. Maybe if I find a good fit I'll write up a rationale.


By the way, this has been how I've been keeping track of which squares I'm landed on since the shake-up:


Simple but effective.