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The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (Audiobook)

The Long Earth - Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett, Michael Fenton-Stevens

Series: The Long Earth #1


Narrated by Michael Fenton-Stevens


For some reason I enjoyed this more as an audiobook than when I read it for the first time in print (that experience only merited 3 stars). I was entertained, and it started to feel more like Terry Pratchett had crammed all of his life’s work into one novel, and a science fiction one at that: from trolls and evil elves to good ol’ Chatogaster and the Joker Universe. Plus I really like some of the concepts, like stepping out of a gravity well.


I wanted to reread this to refresh my memory before finally finding time to dive into the rest of the series, which I’ve never gotten around to, probably partly because I was less into it the first time around. It’s always a struggle between keeping things fresh enough and avoiding stalling due to trying to read too much of a world at one time. Usually I will actually stall mid-book if I try to read too big of a chunk of a series at once.