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Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

Roman Blood: A Novel of Ancient Rome - Steven Saylor

Series: Roma Sub Rosa #1


I decided to finish this after all, but it wasn’t a very exciting read. I know I complained about that incident at the 35% mark, but that just made me want to take a break. Although it started out fun, the story itself just wasn’t very compelling. The solution to the mystery wasn’t very surprising, and the mystery reveal involved a lot of explaining after the fact. Also, after not really bothering with info dumps, the author decided to hit the reader with a history lesson on Sulla at the two thirds’ mark. It wasn’t needed for the story, and I don’t know what possessed him to wedge it in two thirds of the way through. If we’d gone that long without needing to be “educated”, was it really necessary to cover it at that point? Gordianus also did some very stupid things. I’m giving it two stars to be charitable and because there wasn’t much that actually angered me other than the pointlessness of it all.