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Full Moon by P. G. Wodehouse

Full Moon: (Blandings Castle) - P.G. Wodehouse

Series: Blandings Castle #7


A full moon comes to Blandings Castle and everyone acts even barmier than usual, if that's possible. There’s one character, Plimsoll, who is warned off drink for fear of hallucinations, and through a series of coincidences, keeps seeing the same face and so thinks it’s true. There’s also the usual series of plots, misunderstandings, broken engagements, and so on that usually figure in a Wodehouse novel. I know it all sounds like nothing special, but it’s written in Wodehouse’s style and so it’s fun even though I was cringing at the sheer ridiculousness of parts of it.


I wonder whether Pratchett’s Juliet in Unseen Academicals had any roots in Veronica in Full Moon here. Maybe?


I happily stumbled across this one while searching for candidates for the “Full Moon” square for the Hallowe’en Bingo.