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Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines

Libriomancer  - Jim C. Hines

Series: Magic Ex Libris #1


This book definitely breaks the fourth wall.  Smudge, Isaac’s pet fire-spider, originates in another book by Hines from which he is pulled into the “real world” using libriomancy.  Overall I’d say the book was entertaining although I didn’t find the story absorbing.  The book gets an extra half star for Isaac being a proper sci-fi geek and putting it to good use:


He travels to the moon, contemplates the possibilities of space travel using this method, feels frustrated that the knowledge that enabled him to do this has been kept hidden, and ultimately makes the automatons chasing him burn up in the atmosphere.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it serves you right for reading a spoiler tag without reading the book.

(show spoiler)


I’m planning on picking up the next one in this series, and I’ll probably be trying out some more Jim Hines as well (the Goblin books have been mentioned).


I’m hoping I can count this one as “Read on vacation” for the Summer Book Bingo because I did start it on a vacation day and I read it over a holiday weekend. Does that count?  I never seem to get much reading done while I’m away…  Otherwise there is a fair amount of driving that happens, so it’s sort of like a road trip. No? Then maybe I’ll leave it as uncategorized…