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Baba Yaga's Daughter by C. E. Murphy

Baba Yaga's Daughter & Other Tales of the Old Races - C.E. Murphy, Thomas Canty

A series of short stories set in the Negotiator universe that help to give context to the events of that trilogy by expanding on Janx’s and Eliseo Daisani’s backstories.  I am really glad that the stories focus mostly on those two rather than Margrit (the main character from the trilogy) because honestly I was really tired of her by the end of it.  And Janx was my favourite character (I may have a weakness for dragons).  I think that weakness for dragons coupled with my completist nature are the only reasons I finished that trilogy in the first place (urban fantasy romances aren’t usually my cup of tea).


My favourite story was probably ‘Chicago Bang Bang’ where Janx had taken on a role as one of the “good guys” as a gumshoe private eye.


I wasn’t originally going to count this one towards the ’20 Books of Summer’ since I started it earlier, but I figured what the heck since I was finishing in the time frame.  So I’m going to count it as my ‘Fantasy’ book for the bingo.