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Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

Soul Music - Terry Pratchett

Discworld #16


Having initially read the Discworld books completely out of order, I’m not sure how much of the plot and backstory I should be giving away here.  This is the first book with Susan, and it’s basically about how Rock ‘n’ Roll comes to the Discworld.  Of course, since this is the Discworld, it’s “Music with Rocks In”, literally.  Susan gets ‘help’ from the Death of Rats and his translator and transport, Quoth the raven, when Death goes off to try to learn to forget.  This is, in fact, the book where he joins the Klatchian Foreign Legion.


This is far from my favourite Susan book (she’s only a sixteen year old schoolgirl here and shows her age), but I always seem to love the Death of Rats and raven combo.  They’re ridiculous but adorable, even when the raven goes on about for eyeballs and entrails.  How could anyone resist a skeletal rat with a mini scythe and a cowl?