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Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

Cat Among the Pigeons - Agatha Christie

Series: Hercule Poirot #33


Although not a stellarly crafted mystery, it was enjoyable overall. I wasn’t a fan of the structure, where we got so much background before getting to the mystery or murder and about two thirds of the book until we saw Poirot where he basically just snapped his fingers and figured everything out while being extremely careless when confronting the murderer. Some things that came out were surprising and others made sense in retrospect even if I didn’t predict them. I’m not sure I could have predicted a lot of the whole government oversight / spy plot/ princess thing.


I think Julia was my favourite character.


Dare I say that it might have been a better mystery without Poirot? Anyway, like I said, I enjoyed reading it overall but won’t be looking forward to a reread any time soon.


ETA: I thought it went without saying but then I figured I might as well say it: there are also some serious issues with how this book regards "foreigners" and other cultures. I just don't feel like going into it.


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