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The Hanging Valley by Peter Robinson (audiobook)

The Hanging Valley - James Langton, Peter   Robinson

Series: Inspector Banks #4



So, this one was pretty good although I could tell my attention was flagging from too many Banks in a row. And there's a lot of abusive relationship crap along with rape. Inspector Banks gets to fly to Toronto and hang out on the Danforth while looking for an English expat in all the  British bars in Toronto (don't worry, he paces himself). The narrator's Canadian accent was way too American and there were a few things like mispronounced street names (Yonge is pronounced like young and not like yong and the i in Spadina is pronounced like eye and not ee unless the pronunciations have shifted in the last 30 years). Don't get me started about pronouncing the final t in Toronto. At least there was no spelling out of the abbreviation for the Royal Ontario Museum (R-O-M (a pet peeve)).


Getting Banks turned around in the underground shops at Yonge & St. Clair was a nice touch, although there are certainly more confusing areas.


ETA: I forgot to mention that I think these must have been Americanized versions of the books because I think I caught Robinson referring to Banks's "pants" when he meant trousers. o.O


(ETA = Edited to Add)