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The World in a Grain , The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization - Vince Beiser

This passage amused me:

"Froth flotation involves running the rock through mechanical crushers until it's broken down into a heap of mixed-mineral granules. You dump that mix in a tank, add water to turn it into a milky slurry, and stir well. Next, add reagents—chemicals that bind to mica grains and make them hydrophobic, meaning they don't want to touch water. Now pipe a column of air bubbles through the slurry. Terrified of the water surrounding them, the mica grains will frantically grab hold of the air bubbles and be carried up to the top of the tank, forming a froth on the water's surface. A paddle wheel skims off the froth and shunts it into another tank, where water is drained out. Voilà: mica.


I'm just picturing mica grains like fleeing villagers.