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Diwali shelfies and packing

(Updated with books!)


Due to popular request, I will be posting the packing and unpacking of my shelves for my move.


Because I'm going to posting lots of pictures, I figured I'd put this in a new post, with a link both to and from the original.


The pictures came out kind of blurry, sorry, but here we have the "before" pictures:

Living room books

(my mostly double-shelved living room books)


(top books from office/book room)


(lower books from office/book room)


So far I've managed to pack most of the books from the office (there's still about a shelf to go) but haven't touched the living room books yet.


(First set of boxes)


(And yet more boxes)


This post will be updated as my packing progresses...


And we have an update! I got rid of a couple bookcases because they were looking a bit worse for wear (they were pretty cheap in the first place so I thought it best to replace them) so I've had to wait for my new ones to arrive (I didn't feel like lugging them from the store so I scheduled a delivery).


First I filled my one remaining bookcase with some random books:


And so far I have one of the new bookcases standing but not quite fully put together:


I now have both semi-assembled, so I just have to fit them side-by-side, fasten them together, and install the other shelves and trimmings.



Finally with everything assembled:


And with my books unpacked, albeit unsorted:


Apparently the solution to not having enough shelf space is to buy new massive bookcases to replace your old ones. I seem to have acquired shelf space! I wonder how long it'll last...


I haven't organized the books yet, so I'm not sure whether this is sufficient to claim the task, but at least I've unpacked everything and I can get rid of some of the boxes that were taking up room so I can build my desk and move on to the storage closet.