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Death of a Hussy by M. C. Beaton (audiobook)

Death of a Hussy - M.C. Beaton, Shaun Grindell

Series: Hamish Macbeth #5


Yes, I'm still plugging my way through these books. This one tried to have a bit of progression by having Hamish move to the city and have the villagers start a crime spree to get him back (it works, naturally). This one felt really judgemental about women again (appearance-wise) although in some ways it tried not to be. Also, it feels really odd for someone not to learn to drive until their 30s unless they live in a big city. I mean, it's 1990 not 1960, and I'm pretty sure Scotland wasn't stuck 30 years in the past. Oh, and Macbeth finally starts to appreciate Blair. Sort of.


The mystery was pretty mediocre. Maybe the next one will be better.