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The Red by Linda Nagata

First Light - Linda Nagata

Series: The Red #1


This felt like a pretty standard military SF novel. It takes place on Earth, not in space, but we have soldiers in exoskeletons ("dead sisters" because they look like bones, sort of) fighting far from home and they have skullcaps that help them manage their emotional states (useful in a warzone).


Part of the conflict in the novel comes from corrupt defence contractors and part comes from a possible marketing AI that's evolved in the cloud and is manipulating people. It was interesting but I wasn't enthralled, and I found the sense of fatalism to be tiresome. It kind of felt like the AI was just making stuff happen. I also found the scenes with Shelley's girlfriend, Lissa, to be somewhat annoying; I'm not sure why. Maybe she was too flat of a character? Shrug.


Anyway, I read this for a buddy read but I'm not sure if I'll read the next books.


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