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Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton (audiobook)

Pandora's Star - Peter F. Hamilton, John      Lee

Series: Commonwealth Saga #1


It is finally over! Alright, I probably shouldn't sound so relieved when I've already started listening to its sequel, which is even longer.


This book is flawed in several ways but I still found it interesting and want to see where we go in the sequel.


Basically, two stars have been enveloped in some kind of Dyson sphere and when scientists discover how fast it happened (pretty much instantaneously), the Commonwealth government decides to build a FTL spaceship because their wormhole network hasn't reached that far yet and so that's the only way to get there to investigate. They're using wormhole technology to travel faster than light in a spaceship.


Stuff happens, many different story threads are followed, and now the Commonwealth is at war. What I did like about the multiple story threads is that Hamilton introduced new ones gradually so that it wasn't completely overwhelming with ten different viewpoints right off the bad (I didn't actually count the POVs).


Weaknesses of the story would include the level of sexism in this future and the quality of the sex scenes. I wasn't a huge fan of the narrator, John Lee, either. I found his delivery rather monotonous at times.


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