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All is Fair: The Split Worlds - Book Three - Emma Newman

As usual with books in this series, I'm having fun with this. And I have to say that Lord Poppy (one of the fae) is delightfully mad and such a flake. This is from an exchange earlier in the story:

“Are you saying the eldest son of my favourite family line has nothing to offer?” Poppy asked sharply.
“Not in entirety, Lord Poppy. I’m sure Thomas has a great deal to offer to the academic community in matters of twentieth-century warfare, but, as I far as I know, that knowledge may not be the most useful at Court.”
“He’s intelligent and very tall,” Poppy said, chin in the air. “Both qualities will serve him admirably.”

It's too bad Axon (Ekstrand's butler) and Petra (his librarian) haven't had big parts to play so far.