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Square 2 and possibly a bonus Square 3 star

I was looking over the holiday book themes as Themis-Athena suggested to see if Infidel fit any (and to look for next things to read) and it strikes me that Guy Fawkes Night is a possibility.


Book themes for Guy Fawkes Night: Any book about the English monarchy (any genre), political treason, political thrillers, or where fire is a major theme, or fire is on the cover.


There's no English monarchy, but the story does revolve some rogue Bel Dames who are acting against their Queen and attempting to sell what looks like freaky blood-eating sand to a foreign country, so that could count as political treason, right? They also assassinate one of the Queen's advisors.


My review for Infidel can be found here.


I've also been reading Hidden Figures and I was wondering if it could count as a WWII book for Square 3. It's not exactly about WWII but it is about the coloured women who worked at Langley starting in WWII so the early parts discuss how the war economy and effort led to the government recruiting female mathematicians and finally coloured female mathematicians back in the days of segregation in the States (honestly the description of the social environment of those days just seems weird even though it helps inform regarding some of the attitudes of today).


Anyway, I was wondering if I could use it to add an extra star to my tracking post although it wouldn't count as a real point because I've already read two books for square 3.


Book themes for Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day: Read a book involving veterans of any war, books about WWI or WWII (fiction or non-fiction).