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The Long War
Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett
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Spin the Dreidel!

The Task for Square 8's Hannukah is "Play the Dreidel game to pick the next book you read."


I chose:

• נ (Nun) - A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage
• ג (Gimel) - Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell
• ה (He) - The Nun’s Tale by Candace Robb
• ש (Shin) - Infidel by Kameron Hurley


A History of the World in Six Glasses - Tom Standage  Fools and Mortals - Bernard Cornwell  The Nun's Tale - Candace Robb  Infidel - Kameron Hurley  



And that's how I started reading Infidel. But I'm not losing any points. I'll be gaining one once I finish Infidel. Or do I already get it? I'm not sure.