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Tasks 3, 4, & 7 (three-in-one)

I attended this morning's Remembrance Day ceremony, so I snapped some pics:

Square 7: Task International Human Rights Day: Post a picture of yourself next to a war memorial or other memorial to an event pertaining to Human Rights. (Pictures of just the memorial are ok too.)

- 1 point -


Square 3: Tasks for Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day: Make, or draw a red poppy and show us a pic of your red poppy or other symbol of remembrance

- 1 point -


think my poppy's the one at the nearest end of the column of four near the hilt of the sword. I think. It's easy to lose track of it after you set it down. Wait, I may have misread this one: I know I didn't make the poppy, but does this still count? I "made" the picture...


For comparison, I took this photo a few hours later:

Lots of poppies...


And I hadn't noticed this plaque before or I might have placed my poppy here instead:


Alright, if I'm going to be perfectly honest with you guys, I could only take about an hour waiting outside in the cold, so I actually took those pictures after I warmed up after the ceremony with a matcha vanilla latte (yes, it looks weird, but it's yummy):


Finally, I treated myself to some books:

Square 4: Task for Thanksgiving Day: Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book and post a picture of it.

- 1 point -