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Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer

Footsteps in the Dark - Georgette Heyer

Three siblings (Margaret, Peter, and Celia) inherit a rambling old house in the country so they decide to stay there for a while to take advantage of it. So we have the siblings, their aunt Mrs Bosanquet, Celia's husband, Charles, and the Bowers (their help).  Of course, the old house has a history of ghost stories and a character called the Monk apparently haunts the place. Everyone in the house experiences weird happenings, and although they don't really believe the place is haunted, they start to wonder.


The mystery was only so-so and I figured out who the Monk was, but the banter between the characters really made this book for me. Charles in particular was ridiculous and awesome. The romance wasn't exactly forced but it seemed pretty rushed and random. Oh well. The banter was still really good.


I'm using this book for Square #3 St Martin's Day for the 16 Festive Tasks "Read a book set in a rural setting."