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16 Festive Tasks Card

Points marked by stars.


I didn't quite get all the squares, partly due to my really slow December reading month and just not getting around to some tasks, but I think 25 points is a respectable showing.


Total points: 25





Square 1

- Dia de Muertos/All Saints Day: a book that has all the colours (ROYGBIV) together on the cover

- Calan Gaeaf Book: read any of your planned Halloween Bingo books that you didn’t end up reading after all, involving witches, hags, or various types of witchcraft


Square 2

- Guy Fawkes Night Task: post a picture of past fireworks

- Guy Fawkes Night Book: any book about political treason


Square 3

- St Martin's Day Book: read a book set in a rural setting

- Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day Task: show us a pic of your red poppy or other symbol of remembrance

-  Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day Book: read a book with poppies on the cover


Square 4

- Thanksgiving Day Task: treat yourself to a new book and post a picture of it


Square 5

- Advent Task: post a pic of your advent calendar

- Advent Book: read the 4th book from a favourite series


Square 7

- International Human Rights Day Task: post a picture of  a war memorial

- International Human Rights Day Book: read any story revolving around the rights of others either being defended or abused


Square 8

- Hannukah Task: play the Dreidel game to pick the next book you read


Square 9

- Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night Task: grab one of your thickest books off the shelf.  Ask a question and then turn to page 40 and read the 9th line of text on that page

- Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night Task: eat a pomegranate for good luck and health in the coming year


Square 10

- World Peace Day Task: cook something involving olives or olive oil

- Pancha Ganapati Task: post about your 5 favourite books this year and why you appreciated them so much

- Pancha Ganapati Book: read a book whose cover has one of the 5 colors of the holiday: red, blue, green, orange, or yellow


Square 11

- Dōngzhì Festival Book: read a book that has a pink or white cover


Square 12

- Saturnalia Book: read any work of science fiction that takes place in space


Square 13

- Hogswatch Night Book: read Hogfather

- Holiday Book Joker for Christmas: read a book that takes place at Christmas


Square 14

- Dies Natalis Solis Invicti Task: Find the sunniest spot in your home, that’s warm and comfy and read your book


Square 15

- St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day Task: If you have a cat, post a picture of your cat in a box


Bonus Points

- World Peace Day (actually the "International Day of Peace") from Square 10 is actually celebrated September 21st