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The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

[Aside: Dashiell Hammett's name has too many double letters. I think I got it right, but I had to check.]


If that was Classic Noir, I think I'll pass on future offerings. Admittedly, I was expecting Nick and Nora Charles to indulge in lively, witty banter while maintaining an all-day happy hour. I've never seen the movies, but I've seen other takes on the trope, like Beyond Belief, and those were fun. Nick and Nora had some banter, but it was fairly weak, and I had to repeatedly stop my mind from wandering while reading the dialogue. Even cute little Asta didn't have that much of a role and couldn't save the book.


I think Nick and Nora have a different definition of 'sober' than I do. I know they were on their Christmas holiday, which explains some of it, but the drinks before breakfast points to a whole new acceptance of alcoholism.


From the minimum half star, I'm giving half a star for not hating it although I was bored at times and half a star because I thought the solution to the mystery was alright. I didn't guess who the murderer was but I had suspected that person at one point because they seemed to have opportunity.


I read this for the "Classic Noir" square for the Halloween Bingo. It could also fit the "Murder Most Foul" and "Amateur Sleuth" squares, although Nick spends the entire book denying he's on the case and not doing all that much investigating.


Now I get to go back to Discworld!


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