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The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell

The Severed Streets - Paul Cornell

Series: Shadow Police #2


We're back with James Quill and his team, police officers with the Sight, the thing that allows them to see supernatural stuff all over London. Paul Cornell has managed to create an interesting magical environment, where you gain power through various means of sacrifice or by being remembered. There's never just one route to a goal but it's hard to follow all of them.


Anyway, this time they're investigating a series of supernatural Ripper-like attacks occurring in the middle of city-wide protests and apparently taking cover via the protesters. There's a vision of another kind of as well as some rather violent attacks from the victim's point of view, so I'm fairly comfortable using this for the "Genre: Horror" square for the Halloween Bingo. I'd say the main genre is urban fantasy, but it's a gritty, harsh urban fantasy that overlaps with horror.


Overall I enjoyed the book, but a few things seemed a little pat, and I'm not sure how I feel about making Neil Gaiman a character. His role is left sort of unresolved, so I'm not sure if it'll be picked up again in the third book. I did quite like the magical subculture scenes nearer the beginning, and the tension between the traditional magical sacrifice barter culture and money was interesting.


This book would also work for the "Murder Most Foul, "Serial/Spree Killer", "Locked Room Mystery" (first Ripper victim in locked car while the driver has his foot on the brakes), "Supernatural", "Monsters" (the wight), "Darkest London", and "Haunted House" (ghostly scenes in Whitechapel and other areas in London) squares. The "Ghost" square might be a bit of a stretch, but an argument could be made for that one too, I think.


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