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Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch (audiobook)

Midnight Riot  - Ben Aaronovitch, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Series: Rivers of London #1


This is not only not the first time that I've read this book but it's not the first time I've listened to the audiobook. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith does an excellent job as narrator and Ben Aaronovitch succeeds at writing first-person novel with a distinct voice. Peter himself (the main character) is pretty awesome, and I'm always amused at how he gets "distracted". This reread was interesting in part because I was able to apply what I know about how magic works in this world to the events that take place. On a first read, you're as clueless as Peter about how the magic works. Part of the fun is how he tries to take a scientific approach to magic and measuring its effects. I also now have a theory about the void he feels in the Folly near the end.


I read this for the "Ghost" square in the 2017 Halloween Bingo. Peter meets a ghost within the first few pages and the story takes off from there. It could also be used for the "Murder most foul", "Serial/spree killer" (a bit of a stretch but it would probably pass), "Vampires" (they're unusual vampires but they're called vampires), "Supernatural", and "Darkest London" squares.


Also, any cover that shows a character carrying a gun in this series is wrong because Peter doesn't carry a gun. The closest he gets is a taser later in the series.