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A Knit Before Dying by Sadie Hartwell

A Knit before Dying - Sadie Hartwell

Series: A Tangled Web Mystery #2


In this book, we're back with Josie in Dorset Falls as she tries to make a go of her knitting shop, Miss Marple Knits. She seems to be doing okay, even starting a blog for her shop, although she still can't seem to follow a simple instructional how-to-knit video (she's obviously watching the wrong one) when the guy moving into the shop next door is murdered. This is bad both for the guy and for the hopes of revitalizing the downtown with quaint shops. Although she's not officially investigating, Josie does poke her nose into things and discovers part of the solution to an apparently unrelated cold case that creeps into the narrative. The mystery ends up being twistier than it seemed at first glance and although I'm not entirely sold on it, I'm giving the book a pass because of its status as a cozy and because the whole situation with Josie and her shop is cute. Oh, and her great uncle, Eb, pulls an excellent prank on his neighbour Roy in this one.

Roy is an amateur radio guy, so Eb digs up a transmitter from someone and manages to convince Roy that he's speaking to aliens. As implausible as it sounds, I was amused.

(show spoiler)


I'm counting this for the "Cozy mystery" square for the 2017 Halloween Bingo, but it could also count for "Murder most foul", "Terrifying women", and "Amateur sleuth".