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Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal - Mary Roach

Grr, misinformation as far as I can tell.

"Some of AFB's clients have begun marketing 100 percent vegetarian kibble for cats. The cat is what's called a true carnivore; its natural diet contains no plants."

No, the cat is called an obligate carnivore; this means that it cannot obtain all of its nutrients from plants and must have some meat in its diet. A vegetarian kitty is a soon-to-be sick kitty. This is unlike dogs, who are true omnivores and can be fed a balanced vegetarian diet without getting sick.


Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


And from later on still on the same page: why do we care that the person Roach is interviewing is wearing a "floral-print skirt"?! This book is going to be knocked down a star for that even if it turns out to be otherwise informative.