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Sharpe’s Fortress by Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe's Fortress - Bernard Cornwell

Series: Sharpe #3


This installment describes the taking of the so far unbeaten fortress of Gawilghur by Wellington’s army. Sharpe is a newly made ensign in a new company and having a hard time of it because he doesn’t feel like he fits in anywhere. The description of how the fortress was defeated was compelling, but boy was it bloody. Admittedly the British didn’t take massive losses and the book wasn’t trying to be overly gory but war certainly makes a mess. At least no one go beheaded by a cannonball in this one. Oh, and I’m impressed at the sheer amount of ammunition the British must have been lugging around.


I read this for booklikes-opoly square Frontierland 2 “Read a book with a main character who knows how to handle a gun” and Sharpe definitely fits this category. It’s a musket but he’s skilled with its use as both a firearm and with its bayonet. At 372 pages (I’m including the historical note), it counts as another $6 for my bank, giving me a total of $263.


This is also the hundredth book I’ve finished reading this year.


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