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A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century
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Moby-Dick: or, The Whale (Penguin Classics)
Herman Melville
Manifold: Time
Stephen Baxter, Chris Schluep
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The Long War
Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett
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Murder Out of Turn by Frances and Richard Lockridge

Murder Out of Turn (The Mr. and Mrs. North Mysteries) - Richard Lockridge, Frances Lockridge

Series: Mr. & Mrs. North #2


Mr. and Mrs. North are vacationing in a cabin outside New York when Inspector Weigand comes to visit them on vacation and two murders tumble into their laps. Pete, the Norths’ cat, has some cute appearances although he doesn’t really help solve the murder this time around. I liked it but I found the prose somewhat vague at times. Oh, and I finally found somewhere else that uses the phrase “How’s tricks?” to ask what’s up. So I can claim that my friend is from the 1940s instead of possibly just being British.


I read this for booklikes-opoly square Cars Land 16 “Read a book…where the page count ends in 1, 9, 2, or 6”. My copy has 249 pages, so I’m going with that and adding $6 to my bank, bringing my balance to $178.


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