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A Fatal Grace - Louise Penny

At least now CC's been killed. Honestly, that whole introduction sequence took way too long. And there's no way one person could perform CPR for 20 minutes and there's no mention of them switching.


I was just thinking though, after noticing that Penny is randomly injecting phrases like "C'est vrai" in a dialogue she's transcribing in English but has described as taking place in French, wouldn't it be cooler if the dialogue were just written as it was said? I mean, what's the point of putting that "C'est vrai" there? It would make sense if they had been speaking English and one of them had thrown in the French phrase, but when they're already supposed to be speaking French, I don't really see the point.


I know, I know, putting random dialogue in French would be a hindrance to all the non-bilingual people, but there's got to be a better way than this half-baked attempt at Frenchifying an English novel.


Maybe I'll pick up a French roman policier at the library tomorrow. Chrytine Brouillet's been recommended to me. Has anyone read her Maud Graham series?