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All Systems Red by Martha Wells

All Systems Red - Martha Wells

Series: Murderbot Diaries #1


‘All Systems Red’ is an awesome title for a novella featuring a cyborg. Technically, it’s a SecUnit but it calls itself Murderbot. It’s supposed to protect its survey team from outside threats. But all the equipment that the Company buys is cheap, so it’s hacked its own governor unit so it can do what it wants. Mostly this consists of doing a half-assed job monitoring things around its compound while watching thousands of hours of entertainment feed videos. Oh, and it really doesn’t want to interact with humans. It would rather watch the humans interact with it through camera feeds than watch through its own eyes. Actually, it would rather stay in its cubicle watching entertainment videos, especially Sanctuary Moon.


The novella was interesting, but I found the style overly chatty and casual, and some of the sentences were hard to parse as a result. That may be an editing thing. If there’s a sequel, I’ll probably look into it. I was thinking of giving it only 3 stars until the very end, which I quite liked, so I went with 3.5.


Since running away from everyone seemed far more appropriate and rational than trying to survive a farmhouse with scads of people, from Murderbot's perspective.

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I read this for booklikes-opoly square Tomorrowland 33 “Read a book set in space or tagged science fiction on GR, or a book that includes robots or cyborgs.” It’s a good thing cyborgs got tacked on there because I originally thought Murderbot was a robot. Because “bot”, you know? Anyway, at 160 pages, that’s another $2 for my bank, bringing my total to $82.