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Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett

The Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

Series: The Lymond Chronicles #1


How to describe Game of Kings? The main character Lymond, aka Francis Crawford, is nastier than a rogue: he’s an outlaw with his own band of men who steal from the rich and give it to themselves, more or less. These are unsettled times, to put it mildly, with England and Scotland at war with some noblemen trying to kidnap Mary to marry her to Edward, Henry VIII’s son. The novel opens with Lymond’s return to Scotland and there are some absolutely brilliant twists and turns to the plot. I can’t say much more without getting into spoilers, but Lymond is pursued by his older brother due to the insult to the family name among other personal reasons.


Everyone will warn you that it is a bit hard to read, and I’ll admit it was challenging in parts, although I don’t think I missed out on anything too major to the plot. I did break out my Latin dictionary a few times, I guessed at some of the Spanish, and I struggled with some of the French because it was old French. Lymond won’t give a straight answer if he can give you a quote instead, you see. I highly recommend it, and I’m glad I have the rest of the series, although I may take my time with it.


I read this for the BL square for booklikes-opoly since I landed on the “7. Double your dollars on your next read!” option which I took to mean a free choice (see this comment for my justification). At 528 pages, this gives me $5 x 2 = $10 for my bank, giving me a total of $77.


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