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Jacqueline Carey
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Stephen Baxter, Chris Schluep
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April Wrap-Up

I finished 17 books in April. I have to credit the start of the booklikes-opoly game and some time off for letting me ramp up my reading. In previous months, I've only managed 11 or 12. By summarizing the books here, I can see that I had quite a few good books although no really awesome ones.


4 stars

Wild Seed - Octavia E. Butler    


3.5 stars

Hexed - Kevin Hearne  Yarned and Dangerous - Sadie Hartwell  Rivers of London: Volume 2 - Night Witch - Ben Aaronovitch,Lee Sullivan Hill,Andrew Cartmel  Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay  Explorer - C.J. Cherryh  A Pint of Murder (A Madoc and Janet Rhys Mystery) - Alisa Craig,Charlotte MacLeod  In the Garden of Iden - Kage Baker  


2.5 stars

Deepwater Black: The Complete Adventure (H SF) - Ken Catran The Semester of Our Discontent - Cynthia Kuhn 


2 stars

Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps - Kai Ashante Wilson  A Symphony of Echoes - Jodi Taylor  The Big Over Easy - Jasper Fforde  You're Saying It Wrong: A Pronunciation Guide to the 150 Most Commonly Mispronounced Words--and Their Tangled Histories of Misuse - Ross Petras,Kathryn Petras  


1 star

Hôtel Olympia - Elisabeth Vonarburg The Fifth Knight - E.M. Powell 



The Shadow of the Torturer  - Gene Wolfe,Jonathan Davis