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Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell

Yarned and Dangerous - Sadie Hartwell

Series: A Tangled Web Mystery #1


I picked this up because I just couldn’t resist the title and I fully expected to have to write a rant review. I expected to want to throw my ereader across the room or to be tempted to beat myself in the head with it. Much to my surprise, this didn’t happen. Oh, it wasn’t perfect: it was a bit light on the mystery side, some of the family banter stuff came off as a bit forced, and some of it was a little implausible, but I enjoyed it. There is a mystery here, but the investigation by the main character was light. Admittedly this also means that she’s not doing incredibly stupid things chasing after criminals, and she does help to solve the mystery in the end.


The background to the story is that Josie’s great uncle, Eben, has broken his leg in a car crash that killed his wife, and Josie (who is from the big city and works in fashion) has to go visit him in this small town to help look after him because her mother has booked a cruise and she can’t cancel. Eb is very crotchety and has a long-standing feud with his neighbour. Josie brings her cat Coco with her, naturally, who gets along great with Eb’s giant dog (not really).


The deceased wife, Cora, had a yarn shop called ‘Miss Marple Knits’ that Josie is supposed to help close up. And then a dead body shows up, apparently strangled with an I-cord or some yarn. Josie tries to investigate a bit but mostly gets laughed out of the police office and thinks a lot about going back to the big city while simultaneously being drawn to the yarn. The mystery took a weird turn at one point that was a bit silly but also quite amusing.

The little old ladies that Josie finds are acting so suspiciously are actually spying on one of the other women in the Charity Knitters Association using equipment they bought online to try to blackmail her out of her prominent position in town because they don’t like her. And they ask Josie for tech help because Cora was their “tech whiz”.

(show spoiler)


So, it was pretty cute and it didn’t make me want to throw anything across the room. Yay!


I read this for square #10 “Read a book that takes place in a small town in the U.S.A.” for the booklikes-opoly game because Dorset Falls definitely fits the bill. Amazon tells me the paperback is 288 and Kobo tells me the ebook is 258, so I’m counting it as $3 to add to my bank, bringing my total to $40.