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Booklikes-opoly Turn 1 (April 15th)

Since others were doing it, I figured I'd roll early too, so that I could think about what I was going to read and get a post set up. I promise not to start reading until after midnight in my timezone though. Actually, I'll probably be asleep before midnight.


My first roll was an 8:


This lands me on square 8, a mystery square:



Not sure which book I'll read for this, but I do have plenty of mysteries.


Now, since I rolled doubles, I get to roll again:


That lands me on another mystery square:




Bank: $20


Possible books:

A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod (mystery/cozy)

Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell (cozy)

The Semester of our Discontent by Cynthia Kuhn (mystery/cozy)

The Nun's Tale by Candace Robb (mystery)


 If I understand the rules correctly, I can attempt to read two books before the 17th or just one and that one can fit either category.