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The Last White Rose by Desmond Seward

The Last White Rose: The Secret Wars of the Tudors - Desmond Seward

My rating reflects my enjoyment of the book rather than the quality of its information, although it did seem to present some of its information in a confusing way and it was pretty dry overall. I’m not confident I can rely on its analyses (concerning what people were like and whether or not a particular situation was hopeless), but the facts are probably fine. This was also a book I was forced to return to the library and take out again a couple months later.


I didn’t particularly like how it seemed outright judgemental at times, like when it called Anne Boleyn “stupid.” It also preferred to follow the stories of people rather than the evolution of particular events, which made sense in light of exploration of the various people given the title of “White Rose”, but didn’t help understanding all of the circumstances in their lives. Some events appeared to be mentioned out of chronological order as an aside before delving back into someone else’s story. There was also a lot of chronological back and forth even within a few paragraphs that didn’t help understanding events.


Someone else might get more out of this book than I did. My own conclusion was simply that the White Rose stories culminated in Henry VIII’s kingdom being a very scary place.