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Any Other Name by Emma Newman

Any Other Name - Emma Newman

Series: The Split Worlds #2


I didn’t want it to end like that. And Cathy is going to be so mad at Will. Plus he’s screwed if she ever takes another look at that ledger.


I’m not sure whether I can explain this book without going into lots of detail I don’t feel like getting into. Cathy was born into an uber-conservative fae-touched society, tried running way into the real world and that turned out badly. Here she finds herself married off and not adjusting to married life very well, although she eventually starts to wonder whether running away again would be the coward’s way out.


None of that really explains my rating or why I like this series though. It has some interesting elements. Like a guy who walks around with his soul contained in a gargoyle (it makes him immune to certain influences). And there are more butler quips, like whether Cathy tells Will he would make a rubbish butler because he doesn’t bring tea with his bad news. Overall it’s interesting and less fluffy than a lot of urban fantasy. And I’m intrigued by Lord Iron.