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Elizabeth I: The Forgotten Years by John Guy

Elizabeth: The Forgotten Years - John Guy

This biography of Elizabeth I focused on the later part of her reign, the 1580s, 1590s, and early 1600s, while including some earlier references to explain the events. It was largely interesting although a bit dry. I felt I learned enough to make my read worthwhile, though.


The events weren’t discussed in strict chronological order since Guy would cover an event by describing the factors and other events leading up to it, and then move on to another series of events which may partly overlap in time. I didn’t find this particularly confusing and thought the approach justified, but I suppose moving back and forth in time may bother others. I felt it helped explain the links between the events better, personally.


Guy also tried to debunk some myths that had cropped up over the years with previous biographers, like that she once wore a dress open to her navel. He highlighted some more recent research that had come to light with the discovery of “new” letters and records from the time period.